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    SVEZHY VETER Travel Agency
    426008 Izhevsk Karla Marxa 288a
    mail: 426033 Izhevsk 2040 Russia
    tel: +7 (3412) 450037, 613080
    +7 909 064 69 95

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    Camp Placement

    Download Application Form

    If you have a few spare weeks in summer, you are more than welcome to join our Russia Summer Camp Program being part of which you will be placed in one of the summer camps around Izhevsk. Below is what you can do and what costs you are to cover.

    This is a volunteer program, one can not expect any substantial payment in return. Some camps provide pocket money of 70-150 EUR per month on top of the full board, some do not do more than room and board in exchange for what you do.

    It is an exciting experience but not necessarily a very easy one: you will be busy almost all the day long, hear a lot of questions from the campers and constantly feel their attention as for many of them you will be the first foreigner they met or personally talked to (especially challenging if you do not speak a lot of Russian - smile!).

    But no matter what challenges you are to face: if you are interested in the country, its people, want to find lots of new friends and have a life time experience - it is all worth it. And remember: it will definitely help your Russian!

    Positions available:

    1. sports instructor
    2. language instructor
    3. camp counselor
    4. music, dance, arts and crafts instructor

    18 years and older, relevant experience, positive references

    Application deadline:
    8 weeks prior to the scheduled placement (the application fee and the original application are to be received before this).

    Maximum period of stay: 3 summer months: June - August
    Minimum period of stay: one session (2 or 3 weeks, depending on the camp arrangements).

    Program Costs:

    1. Russia-bound air, bus or train fare: to be covered by the applicant (we may always help you find discounted tickets) 80-600 EUR, depending on the origin of the Applicant's travel
    2. Russia domestic train or airfare (the quotes are quite rough as often they are lower if paid earlier or booked for certain dates):

      Moscow - Izhevsk - Moscow: 3rd class one way 34 EUR
      return 68 EUR
      2nd class one way 65 EUR
      return 130 EUR
      1st classone way 126 EUR
      return 252 EUR

      Air (ex Domodedeovo airport, Moscow):
      Moscow (DME) - Izhevsk - Moscow (DME): one way 128 EUR
      return 256 EUR
      if bought shortly before the departure. Advance purchase often can help you get good discounts.

    3. Daily expenses (pocket money):50 EUR a month
    4. Application fee: 98 EUR/148 EUR (native and non-native English speakers)
    5. Visa support form (provided by the agency and required by embassies): from 29 USD
    6. Consular fee: varies - check with the nearest Russian diplomatic post
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